**A potential security flaw for SQL injections has been found on all old versions of the Myportfolio extensions from v1.0.0 - 3.0.2 **

**A new release has just been updated with a fix to this issue. You are all advised to update your version to the latest which is v3.0.3 **

**Thank you **

Hello, i'm pleased to announce the launch of the long awaited update for Myportfolio. The number 1 Joomla Extension for managing your online portfolio.

Changes include an improved ajax support and better wireframing, the use of categories on a menu item. Such that a specific menu controls a specific portfolio category.

The templates were also improved providing a professional layout without glitches to present your work.

Choose from the available templates and get what you want your target audience to see.

Are you a Photographer, Illustrator, Architect, Character Designer, Fashion Designer, Graphic Designer, Fine artist, Motion Designer, Stylist or even Web Designer? Well this product was designed just for you.

Click Here for a demo presentation

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