Setting up a Template

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After Saving your configurations, There are 4 stages to setup a template.
1. Create Category
In the categories page, Click the button New and fill up all relevant information you need. The alias field will be automatically generated if left empty.

2. Setup Projects for Category
After creating a category, click on the green button - Manage - to open the projects page for that category. On the projects page, click New
Just like the category add/ edit page, fill in all relevant data on each field provided.
Please Note: The short description field should contain a small amount of text as too much content will affect it's aesthetic display on your chosen template.
Also note that when saving a project, especially when creating a new one - That you should select the right category you want the project saved in from the category drop down.

3. Manage Images for created Project
After Setting up a project, click on the green button - Manage - to open the image management view for that project.
Choose images files you need and hit the blue button - Start Upload

4. Create a Menu Item
After setting up your portfolio, head over to your menu manager, click New.
On menu item type, select MyPortfolio and then select your preferred template.
Before hitting save, make sure to select the right category you need displayed for the selected templates.

Some templates do better with large Images and some with smaller Images. I believe you can use your discretion to decide that.
I hope you found this documentation helpful.

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